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Customer E-mails

Below is an example of the e-mail message that a customer will receive automatically when SoftSeller receives the PayPal "Instant Payment Notification". (The customer will also receive a payment confirmation from PayPal.) This message will provide either the download link or the registration keys for your products, depending on the "delivery method" that you select for each product.

You can customize the text at the top of this message -- in this case, for a fictitious company called SuperDuperSoft. All items purchased will be shown in the message, followed by a link to to download the products, or if you are providing license registration keys, then the keys will be given directly in this e-mail message.

You can provide a customized, "branded" download page. Just create an HTML page on your site and put a special comment marker anywhere in it, <!-- SOFTSELLER FORM -->, then specify the URL of that page in your account configuration. Your customers will see that page with the download forms inserted at your designated location. You can make the inserted forms match your page's fonts, colors, etc., by defining some HTML styles.

Subject: Your SuperDuperSoft Unlimited order
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2008 01:05:09 -0700

PayPal Transaction ID: 65LL8AGWLQ49M9YW3

Thank you for ordering from SuperDuperSoft!

Please remember to visit our website at
frequently for all the latest news. 

Item Wow-3.0: Browser Wowser v3.0
To download your order now, please use this link:

Thank you for your order!
SuperDuperSoft Unlimited 

Click on the link in the e-mail to see an example of a customized download page and the download process that a customer will see. (There is also a default SoftSeller download page, so you don't necessarily need to create a custom page.) If you are delivering registration keys instead of downloads, the page is similar but the assigned keys will appear in place of the download links.

Most merchants will probably want to use PayPal's "return" page feature to allow immediate downloading after payment. When you use the SoftSeller return page URL as your PayPal return page, that will transfer to the same page as the download link in the e-mail, and the e-mail will also be sent so customers can get downloads or registration keys using either method.

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